What's happening now at INB!

E-mail to request 

our class schedule!

New Giggles & Wiggles class begins in November!

Have a 2 - 5 year old that 

LOVES to move to music?

On Nov. 7th we begin

 our new Giggles & Wiggles class, 

to be held every Saturday at 11:00. 

Taught by our patient and nurturing instructors, 

this class is full of creativity and imagination play! 

Not sure if your child is ready?  

Call 467-0765 to schedule a trial class

to be held on October 31st at 9 am.

Autumn in studio (as well as a few on Zoom)

classes are in​ session, here's how to enroll!

The easiest way is to enroll at the link below titled: "INB Schedule and Registration Here", 

but you also may enroll by phone at 467-0765,

use our 'contact us' page from the menu to get more info,

or stop by and see our fabulous new facility at 

10925 N. Newport Highway, Suites 2 & 3, Spokane, WA 99218.

Covid Protocols:

While we all hope that life is back to normal before long, we still have some limitations this fall 

on class size, therefore spaces in classes are very limited.

We also have some special protocols that we

must follow if we are to remain open. 

We request that all dancers wear a mask to enter, which may be removed 

and hung up on our sanitary hooks once you are socially distanced.  

 Also, in order to follow the limits on how many people 

the Governor will allow in our facility, our lobby must be closed for 

parents and visitors.  Our staff will be in the 

office to help you on the patio during the nice weather, or to invite you in to the office 

one family at a time.  We request that masks be worn, but know that you know what is best

 for your family, and will assume that if you are not wearing a mask that you have 

a medical condition that prevents this, and not a word will be said..  

We love having our dance families observe through our giant 

one way mirrors, and hope to invite you back in very soon!

Each class will end 5 minutes early to allow our staff to mop the floor and sanitize the 

barres before the next class is admitted.  All props touched are put away to be sanitized 

before they will be used again. All staff and faculty will be masked when in 

contact with students or parents. 

INB schedule and registration here!


Our INB Dancer/Parent/Staff trip to New York City

trip for June of 2021 is in the works!

We will have 53 dancers, faculty and parents traveling to the 

city to explore, take in a few ballet classes,

attend an ABT ballet performance at the Metropolitan Opera House, 

see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway,

visit Times Square, the Lincoln Center, Central Park, 

and much more! If you have not joined in and

still wish to, you are in luck, as our delay has allowed 

a few more dancers and parents to join us!

E-mail Studio Director Janine Fraser at [email protected]

 if you are interested, or ask to be added to our NYC 

Facebook page where you will see all details, including costs. 

Visit our beautiful new facility!

Need dancewear?

 We carry leotards, tights, split sole ballet slippers, pointe shoe ribbon and elastic, skirts, wrap sweaters, ballet hoodies, T-shirts, 

socks, hair pretties, ballet journals and much more! Come in and say hi to Carisa, MaryBeth, Amber, Susie, Dani or Jana, 

and see all the pretties we have at INB! We take credit cards, check and cash!

Check out our fabulous new facility!

We are in our brand new, state of the art studios with professional sprung floors (wood over foam 

and airspace, finished with a safe non-slip marely overlay), just like the flooring used at the schools for 

New York City Ballet (SAB), American Ballet Theatre (JKO), and San Francisco Ballet, 

bluetooth sound systems in each studio, and lots of 

space to dance and for families to observe classes or enjoy a cup of coffee. 

 We have over 5 times the viewing window area as before!

Located on Highway 2 at Pinewater Plaza, right next to Retro Donuts, and home to

Studio North - a fabulous hair and skin care salon, as well as the

newest, largest and most beautiful Starbucks in Spokane!

Facebook Family Page for the 2020 - 2021 dance year!

Current INB families may request to join our INB Family Page

 on Facebook to get the inside scoop on all the fun 

that lies ahead, as well as important packets with all important dates

for both fall enrollment and spring performances!  



  Call 467-0765 for info on classical ballet for ages 2.5 - 20, 

contemporary, tap dance for little ones, or upcoming INB events!

What's happening at INB 

in 2019!

July 20119

Master classes in classical ballet and contemporary with Ashleigh Wilson 

August. 20119

Master classes in classical ballet with Valery Lantronov

Spokane, WA 99218