Our Inland Northwest Ballet of Spokane

Studio Objective:

At Inland Northwest Ballet, we base the training of our students on several goals we have for our dance students who choose to study here. These goals include the enhancement of self confidence, musical awareness, strength, flexibility, and work ethic. We strive to give our students the ability to work with and to support fellow dancers. We also work daily to create a sense of personal growth, discipline, artistic excellence, and of course - lots of fun!

Essential to this work is the development of a solid dance technique. Technique, whether classical ballet, contemporary or tap dance is accomplished not through the learning of choreography, but by creating a solid teaching methodology. We build on fundamental and carefully planned exercises that each serve a specific

purpose, and lesson by lesson grow into a better understanding

and improved classical ballet technique.

A dance is soon forgotten, but proper carriage of the body

and the life skills that solid training delivers will last a lifetime. Most important of all, our goal is to nurture and enhance each aspiring student's natural love of dance, whether they are 3 year olds or 17. Our entire staff and faculty, from Studio Director Janine Fraser, our office coordinators, and our wonderful instructors all hope that these goals will be met by your child in the coming years at INB!