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At our brand new, state of the art, custom - built Spokane studio, we offer instruction in classical ballet and contemporary dance, as well as tap, in a nurturing and progressive environment.
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New classes begin Jan. of 2018!

Covid updates: 

While we all hope that life is back to normal before long, we may still have some limitations on fall class sizes due to the Covid crisis. Therefore, we are dropping our class size limits now, until we know for certain that we will be back to normal.  

If you are already registered, good for you!  If not, you may wish to go to our "Register Online" page and see what we have open. If you have registered and your class is already full with our regular class size limits, we may have to split your class into two. If that happens, you may be notified and offered an alternate class time to meet the new guidelines. If you missed out on getting into the class you wanted, we may be offering an option for some students to continue dancing via Zoom.  

We will make that announcement when we have a better idea of what fall looks like at INB.  

Crossing our fingers!

We are also offering some classes this summer, and potentially for the coming dance year, on Zoom.  

However, we need to know that we have the interest before we place those classes on the schedule.  

If you desire a Zoom class for summer or fall, please call the studio at 467-0765, or 

e-mail us at [email protected] 

to let us know of your interest...:)

Spokane County Health District states that students should wear masks while entering and exiting the building, but may remove them in the studio while dancing. Our lobby is currently closed, so expect front door drop-off. Please wait with your child on our patio until the instructor invites students into the building. Parents are encouraged to wait on the patio or in their vehicle during class. All INB participants must complete a health scan and have their temperature checked, prior to entering the building.

Creative Dance 

Ballet or Tap 

for age 2.5 - 6 years

For ages 2.5 - 6 years old., Creative Dance is a magical experience for little ones involving either classical ballet or classical ballet and tap, depending on the class chosen. This class is playful yet structured and taught by patient, nurturing instructors. Using fun props and our most creative imaginations, we jump, twirl and leap our way toward more developed coordination, greater confidence, better balance, stronger leadership skills, improved counting skills, and more. We learn basic classroom skills, such as following directions,, taking turns, working well with others, forming a line, etc. Parents are invited to observe each class through our "Magic Mirror" (one way glass in our observation room), so that the children may dance inside our ballet studio without distraction...:) *Our viewing area is currently closed, due to Covid safety protocols. 

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Contemporary & Modern Dance for Ballet 2 and up

We offer a Contemporary and Modern dance class to enhance our dancer's training and dance experience.  In this class, we will explore many various styles of movement, all of which are building upon our ballet foundation. Having this solid foundation in place before attempting Contemporary or Modern training assures that all students have developed a solid foundation and proper carriage and control of the body.

Classical Ballet

for ages 5 and up,

with pointe work

in levels B5 and above 

For ages 5 and up, our classes follow a creatively structured classical ballet syllabus, following traditional barre and center exercises. Our syllabus is designed to create a solid foundation, developing grace, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as musicality and the ability to express oneself onstage. Our progressive syllabus assures that one level leads into another for both fun and achievement! Pointe work will be assessed for each dancer individually, and explored when dancers reach a level of sufficient strength and maturity. This usually takes place around the age of 11 or 12, when a student has been studying three or more days per week for several years. Boys scholarships available for ages 7 and up.

Barre classes 

for teens and adults 

(registered dancers attend at no charge!)

Rise and shine and join our fun group of barre friends for a challenging early morning barre! We begin at 5:45 am with a ballet based barre, using traditional exercises created to help dancers become strong and lean. We also incorporate very light weights, some fabulous core work, and a relaxing yoga and ballet based stretch. Did we mention you will be sore, in the very best way? All levels welcome, as we offer many various options to suit your goals. Our dance studio is lit in dimmed "oh so flattering early morning" light... so come as you are!