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​I​nland Northwest Ballet Study...#1 of 10  (answers below)

​?  Who is famous for dancing the role of the Firebird?  

​(Hint:  This quiz was first created before Misty Copeland came upon the ballet scene)

?  Who is the lead male character in “Coppelia”?

?  Name one well known modern dance choreographer from Seattle, 

who has worked extensively with Baryshnikov. 

 Hint: He used to wear his hair in a wild mop!

?  Who wrote the original Nutcracker story?

?  What is the name of the prince in Sleeping Beauty?

?  The “positions de huit” , or epaulement, are also called what in some (particularly Russian) schools?

?  Any step done "en evant" is performed in what manner?

?  How many different kinds of pirouettes are there? Who knows them all?

?  What are the names of the ghosts in Giselle? How did they become these spirits?

?  Who is their Queen?

?  Who was the composer of “Swan Lake”?

?  What are the traveling turns called when a man and woman dance a “pas de duex”, in which the man holds his hand over the woman's head, and she uses the support of his fingers to balance?

?  A develope leap is also called what? (there are several answers for this question)

?  What large instrument plays the music for the Dying Swan?

?  Which ballet that has three dolls as the main characters. 

 (hint: two are male dolls, and this role was favorite of Nijinky's)

?  What was Pavlova’s first name? What did she do that few people have done?

?  Who was the original choreographer of “Les Sylphides”?

?  True or false…In ballet, fingers should be curled up like a claw?

Answers to the questions above:

Maria Tallchief


Mark Morris

ETA Hoffman

Florimund (although there are several others.. often Phillip, Prince Charming, and our locally performed Moscow Ballet's Beauty, in which he was called the "Dream Prince.".


Moving forward

Probably dozens and dozens/no one (there are simply too many variations!)


They are the ghosts of girls who have died before their

wedding day (Yes, a rather morbid ballet story!)



Finger turns

A split leap, a saut de chat, a flick leap



Anna, she is said to have danced in every country in the world!

Mikhail Fokine

Absolutely not!

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Last updated 10/26/2018