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At INB, we focus on the wellness of the whole child!

"Our 8 elements of wellness":

*Physical -

 Developing children with strong flexible bodies that are capable of enjoying all the fun activities that life offers them!

*Emotional - 

Offering children a chance to develop skills in positive self-talk, as well as expressing their feelings through creativity, experimentation, and free play.

*Intellectual - 

Giving our children opportunities to solve problems, sequence movements, understand patterns, and much more!

*Social - 

Teaching children how to effectively interact for relationship building with peers and coaches, through engagement and cooperation with classmates.

*Communication - 

Teaching children how to reach out if help is needed, and how to convey challenges and feedback effectively to peers, coaches and teachers.

*Tools for coping with stress - 

Offering tools to help children deal and release stress through physical activity, the enjoyment of well composed music, creation a calm environment, mindfulness, gratitude, and focus.

*Nutrition and hydration - 

Teaching our children how to properly fuel and hydrate for 

strong and healthy bodies!

*Character - 

Character and responsibility - Teaching children leadership skills through our student teacher program, employment skills through our staff and faculty assistant program, and how to accept and utilize feedback constructively in both a team and an individual setting.

Together with our families, we strive 

to create happy, healthy children that 

will grow into happy, health adults!


Is your young child captivated by music? 

By creative imagination play? Come join our world of exploring movement to music, using magical fairy wings, rhythm instruments, skirts, ribbons, and more, in order to stimulate the natural joy every child has in dancing, both ballet and tap dance! Instruction beginning at age 2.5...:)


Do you have a child age 6 - 10 who is full of energy and wants to explore his or her movement skills? Our classes for this age are structured to enhance the healthy development of your well rounded child, through solid classical ballet technique and strong contemporary skills, while still allowing a fun and creative outlet to express your child's natural passion for movement.

Spokane ballet dancers pose in costume for our Fairy Ballet


Does your pre-teen/teen have a motivation for working to achieve his or her dancing dreams, through discipline, drive and perseverance?  Our mid and upper level classes offer a chance for our dancers to thrive in their classical ballet and contemporary dance training in through physical, emotional and social connections in a supportive and fun studio culture.

What our ballet families

are saying about us:

My 4 year old asks daily if she has dance class because she

(and I) absolutely adores Inland Northwest Ballet! The studio is darling, the classes are well structured, the staff is all top notch and organized. I have nothing but positive to say about Janine and our entire experience at Inland Northwest Ballet!

Ashley Cravens, Ballet Mama